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True Source provides local businesses in Minnesota with local IT professionals.

Our extensive network of technology talent is built on 25 years of traditional and creative recruiting. True Source’s mission: to provide your company with the best IT talent (technical prowess and personality) to meet your employment needs and goals.

True Source clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 Enterprises. Regardless of your size, one element remains constant where IT requirements are concerned; the professionals working with your technology and interacting with your team and clients, in essence, provide the backbone of your daily operations. It remains essential that the quality of your IT team is substantial enough to help you evolve and compete in our global market.

True Source addresses all IT resource needs; whether your company seeks someone to work in web, mobile, or database development, IT systems analysis, project management, business analysis, or another IT position, we are committed to fully understanding your need(s) and providing your company with top local talent.

Start finding the talent that fits your company.

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True Source understands that the IT market can be a very confusing place. We are happy to patiently listen to your company’s needs and goals and offer our informed insight at absolutely no cost.

The True Source difference is our reliance on the fact that we work with you in a partnership. We find the right people, with the right skills, at the right price so you can get on with your business. Contact us today.

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