From Working Pros

Great experience all around.  They were super responsive, took the time to really get to know what I was looking for in my next career and quickly got me introduced to a position that fit all my ideal requirements.

- N.J. | Lead Backend Engineer

It was great to have this company helping me find a job in Minneapolis while I was living in Austin, TX.  JP’s support was awesome — following the whole process and giving me the all necessary advice for the interviews.  Communication was always clear and precise.  I’m very grateful for all the work that JP and the True Source team did for me.

- M.C. | Sr. Software Engineer

True Source was a great recruiting service to work with.  Alec found a great opportunity that fit my skill set and desired work environment.  He responded quickly whenever I had questions during the process of interviewing and responding to an offer.  I’d highly recommend his and True Source’s services.

- M.A. | Software Engineer

I wasn’t actively looking for a new job, had only originally planned to transition to another company I already knew and in the process, was contacted by True Source IT.  They presented me with two other potential full-time positions and I figured what the heck, and gave it a go with them, and I am so happy I did.  They got me a phone interview the next day, then an in-person interview 2 days after that.  Within 1 week of them contacting me, I had a 3 way bidding war between my current employer, the other company I planned to go to, and one of the companies that True Source IT presented to me.  In the end I went with the company that True Source IT found for me.  Not only did True Source IT get me my asking salary, they were able to get me MORE than my asking salary. From the day they first contacted me, to the day I started at my new job they found for me, was only 1 month, it was so fast, so professional and I couldn’t be happier.  I look forward to working with True Source IT again in the future.  They also got a colleague of mine hired as a contractor on my recommendation, and are giving me a referral bonus!

- K.M. | Sr. Mobile Engineer

True Source offered a very personable and professional service.   I was new to town, and after a face to face meeting, they lined me up with a few companies that fit what I was looking for in the next step in my career.  Throughout the application and interview process, True Source offered helpful coaching and guidance that resulted in me landing a great position.


- D.J. | Software Engineer

It was great to work with a local company, especially one so “Minnesota nice.”  They never pressured me into taking interviews or even taking an offer.  They allowed me to be picky on the job I wanted and I would recommend working with them.

- R.H. | Software Developer

Great experience.   The process from first introduction to placement was efficient, productive, fair, friendly, and quick.  Nice to have a new firm on my top companies to work with.

- S.B. | .Net Developer

I had the pleasure of working with Adam S.   I was then introduced to the rest of the team and so far everything has been great!  The HR team is fast and responsive!

- A.A. | QA Consultant

True Source IT is by far the best staffing agency I’ve ever worked with. From the first phone call I had with Wyatt, I really felt like they have a vested interest in finding positions that align with the values that applicants have.

It really feels like True Source is committed to finding good candidates for great positions. Most recruiters (in my experience) seem to be trying to simply place people as quickly as possible to maximize their profits, without caring if the job is a really good fit. True Source was very different. They took the time to go over my technical background in a detailed manner that revealed that they have a large amount of knowledge of the industry, asking all the right questions. I felt as though they really listened to what was most important for me in my next job, comparing each of their available placements to that list and really evaluating if I would be happy there and if I could help bring success to that company.

Wyatt was a pleasure to work with! Speaking with him the first time he had a certain honesty and genuine excitement that felt more like asking a friend if they had any leads on jobs. He was always approachable and appreciated honest feedback after interviews about the company. It seemed like he was trying to build a profile for these companies so he could find selling points for other applicants who were also looking for jobs.

I seriously can’t recommend this company enough. All my interactions were with them felt laid back, genuine, and I always felt like they had my best interest in mind.

- M.O. | Software Engineer

I connected with Alec Arthur, one of their recruiters, a couple of years ago.  He spent the time to learn about me and my career instead of pushing jobs on me or trying to fit me into a checklist.  This is a good reflection of True Source IT’s values and way of recruiting.  I will not hesitate to reach out again in the future when I’m looking for a new opportunity.


- N.Y. | Lead Software Engineer

Great team to work with!  I have worked with them on 2 occasions now and would work with them again.  I have had the pleasure of working with multiple recruitment firms, and True Source stands out as a resource that genuinely cares for their clients’ passions and career plans.

- J.R. | Project Manager

True Source is a great recruiting company. The people working there are genuine and kind, and they are masters at finding jobs that fit your personal needs. I worked with Adam recently and was able to find a job that fit my need for flexibility very quickly. We found an opportunity almost instantly that really fit the bill. He helped me prepare my resume, met with me in person to build our relationship, and was generally guiding me every step of the way through the interview process and beyond, which resulted in me getting a fabulous job offer I have now accepted. I always felt my best interests were being represented and respected, and I truly appreciate the work he did. I would highly recommend you network through True Source whether you’re on a job hunt right now or even just thinking about what your next opportunity might be.

- B.B. | .NET Developer

I met Wyatt at True Source a few years back when he contacted me somehow about some position…I don’t remember the details. It didn’t work out at the time, but I told him if we could have lunch I’d stay in touch and maybe we could work together in the future. He agreed, so we had a good lunch and went our separate ways. He never pestered me, but was super helpful when I reached out looking for a new gig, which was at least a couple times. He never managed to place me and never made any money off me, but was consistently professional and respectful every time I called.

Last month, he called me about a couple positions he had open. Turns out both of them were an amazing fit for what I was looking for, and I just accepted one of them a week ago. Wyatt was a patient paragon of professionalism the whole time, delivering news and handling requests almost immediately, and even working on the weekend to communicate my acceptance of the offer to the client.

I was so happy with this experience that I took Wyatt out for a steak dinner after it was over – I think that says enough. But, if you have any doubt, read the other reviews and give them a chance; you won’t regret it. I sure don’t!

- R.H. | Technical Product Manager

I had a great experience working with True Source. They did a good job of matching experience/skills with the right opportunities. They were also very fast about setting up interviews and advancing through the hiring process.


- K.T. | C# Mobile Developer

A couple years ago when I was looking for a job, I was contacted by Wyatt at True Source.  While at that time things didn’t line up, he kept in touch with me every so often to see if anything he had would interest me. We ended up finding something I wanted to go after and Wyatt did a fantastic job making me feel prepared for the interviews and keeping me in the loop throughout the entire hiring process. Even after I was hired, Wyatt has stayed in touch to make sure that things are going well and that I’ve had what I needed to start. I would definitely recommend True Source if you want recruiters who make you feel like more than a commission.

- S.S. | Mobile Application Developer

The people at True Source IT were friendly and quick to find me a position that fits me very well. They did this while keeping the paperwork/emailing/messaging overhead to an absolute minimum, which was nice considering some other recruiting firms I’ve worked with. I’d recommend them to anyone in the tech industry.

- R.D. | Software Engineer

I have worked with Alec Arthur from True Source a few times now and he recently placed me at my new job. Alec does a great job of filtering potential opportunities to those he thinks will be a good fit and my top two opportunities this time were both from Alec. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with True Source if starting a search for something new.


- M.O. | Sr. Software Engineer

Alison Beyer from True Source had contacted me months before I moved to Minneapolis to pursue my education in graduate school.  She consistently followed up with me and eventually found me a position that perfectly matches my career aspirations.  I’m having a wonderful experience working with the True Source team and specifically, with Alison. They are very supportive, pay great attention to details and stay on top of things. Effective communication makes it work.  I highly recommend working with True Source to find fulfilling employment in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

- Y.M. | DevOps Engineer

I worked primarily with Wyatt Redmond during my job search.  Wyatt was very attentive and kept bringing me great places to interview with. I received regular updates during the week on possible new positions and any news from prior interviews.  He definitely selected them to carefully match my skill set,as I got on site interviews with a majority of the jobs he brought me.

Overall working with True Source was incredibly helpful and I don’t think I’d have the job I do now without them.

- D.D. | .NET Developer

Staff was friendly and effective.  They helped me understand the process and stayed on top of things the whole time.

- S.W. | Product Owner

After being cut during a merger, I opened the floodgates of LinkedIn recruiters and Alec Arthur stood out; it was clear from his initial query that he had actually read my profile and résumé. He took the time to meet me in person and discuss my experience and career goals in a way that I felt heard as a whole person and not just a set of qualifications to be matched with requirements.

While some other recruiters ghosted on me if their leads didn’t pan out, Alec stayed available and helpful with amazing interview preparations.  When I had competing offers, his negotiation on my behalf exceeded my expectations.

True Source is plugged in to the local tech market and helped me find an excellent new opportunity that not only matches my skills, but also my interests.

- L.S. | Software Engineer

I worked with True Source to find a new software development job that met all of my compensation requests.

- C.S. | Sr. .NET Developer

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Alison on a full time placement. She was precise on fitting my background with her client’s needs! It is great to go from a larger staffing firm to one that knows their clients well!  Thank you!  Outstanding from start to…well, there is simply a continued working relationship!

- S.G. | Project Manager

I’ve worked with True Source for over 7 years now and I’ve used this company as my GoTo whenever I am looking for a new place to work. They always find positions that are a perfect match for my skill set and even go the extra mile to make sure that my personality and work ethic are well aligned to their clients’ needs and wants. I look forward to working with True Source for future projects and hopefully many more to come!

- P.S. | Database Developer

Wonderful experience working with True Source. I talked to many, many recruiters when looking for work. My True Source contact was the only one that met with me in person, was very consistent about communications, got back to me in great time, and had overall respectable and kind interactions! I would highly recommend working with True Source to find employment.

- A.P. | Software Engineer

True Source has been fantastic to work with.  They found me a Software Developer position at a company that is a perfect fit for my career goals.  I really felt that the entire process was centered around my wants and concerns.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone on the job hunt.

- J.V. | Software Developer

I’ve been in the IT industry for about 15 years and have never seen this level of dedication, attention to detail, and honesty from a recruiting agency.  This place and their staff are second to none!  Alec and the team were VERY attentive to my every question and made sure I landed a place that fit me not just technically, but also from a personality/culture perspective.  If you’re in the market to find an IT job or are an IT employer looking to fill a position, look no further!

- S.S. | Lead .NET Developer

I’ve worked with other recruiting companies in the past and the True Source IT team has proven to provide the best experience yet, no question.  Friendly, knowledgeable staff and strong industry ties.  They are a joy to work with and deliver results.  Keep up the great work!


- B.P.| .NET Developer

Alec is the first technical recruiter I’ve met in over a decade in the tech industry who spoke the language as well as any developer.  He took the time to understand what I wanted, so it was extremely easy to communicate my passions in an industry as broad and diverse as software engineering.  Switching careers can be downright uncomfortable, and even frightening, but after meeting with him, I felt like I could loosen up on the reigns and let him take over.  His continued support and encouragement through the entire process was incredibly valuable!  It didn’t take long before he provided a path to my dream job.  Alec is a cut above the rest!


- E.R. | Sr. Software Engineer

True Source did a great job placing me in a position that took my career to the next level. I worked with Alec, who was available for me at all times, even late into the evening and early in the morning. I would work with True Source again if I found myself back on the market. Thanks for working diligently for me!

- J.S. | Software Engineer

The team at True Source is honest and responsive, and their onboarding process is painless.

- D.M. | Network Administrator

I was contacted by Alec shortly after beginning my job search. He got me an interview almost immediately; I ended up getting the job and now love it.  True Source has apparently placed many people at this company.   10/10 would recommend.

- Z.F. | UI Developer

The employees here seem to truly care about placing you somewhere with a great fit, as opposed to many recruiters who just want to fill a position. A pleasure to work with!

- D.B. | Software Engineer

Great experience with the recruiter and the whole team at True Source IT.  They valued my time, were extremely flexible and supportive during the entire process.  They would provide daily updates and made sure to move the process along fast.  I would definitely reach out in the future for other job opportunities.

- B.E. | IT Business Analyst


Quick turn-around, proactive staff and a very professional environment. Pleasant and easy to work with.


- E.E. | Jr. Developer

Recruiting done right. Their staff is upfront, professional, timely, and honest. I worked with Wyatt, who helped me find a position.  I never had any communication problems and months later, they are still as good to work with as when we started working together!

- N. A. | Front End Developer

True Source recruited me for a great job that I love. They listen and understand your needs and wants, and are super excellent to work with. Would highly recommend to anyone hiring or looking to get hired!

- J.V. | DevOps Developer

I dealt with the HR Representative and Sr. IT Recruiter, with whom I’ve been very much impressed. They are very smart people, provided excellent service and have very good standards.

It was a great experience working with True Source IT. The Recruiter understood what I was looking for and continued to connect with me about opportunities.

- V.K. | Sr. Java Developer

I had a good experience with True Source – way better than other recruiters I’ve worked with. Alison and the True Source team really took the time to understand my skillset and personality, and matched me with companies that were a good fit on both fronts. Ended up landing at a great local company within a couple weeks.

- D.F. | UI Software Developer

Very professional and always able to answer any questions you might have. Alec was always available and quick to reply when anything came up regarding the position I eventually received. Great working with all the people at True Source.


- M.K. | Front End Web Developer

I can’t thank Alec and TrueSource enough for helping me find the best opportunity for me and for my career. Alec presents himself as professional and dedicated; he truly cares about his clients’ success and works hard to understand their background and where they want to be. I highly recommend Alec and the TrueSource team to help you narrow in on the next step in your journey towards success.

- C.P. | Developer
I was in a tight spot trying to find a job after having my contract discontinued through another company. True Source saved the day and helped me turn around and find a new job within two weeks of my final day at my old job. My experience with True Source was one I truly appreciate.  They were easy to work with and were always available to answer my questions. If the need arises in the future, I will gladly work with them again.
- P.C. | Scrum Master

Smart people and great service! Thank you for building my career path!

- M.K. | .NET Developer

I worked with Alec Arthur at True Source. He made my last job transition quick, easy, and painless. He took the time to learn about my past experiences and career aspirations and was able to find a position that was the perfect fit for what I was looking for. Plus, he successfully negotiated the salary that I was asking for. I’d definitely recommend working with this guy!

- T.L. | Software Engineer

True Source has a very professional team. The process from initial contact through to contract signing has been very fast and easy. They’re really on top of their game, and I’m excited to work with them again in the future!

- M.P. | ColdFusion Developer

Great service.  They got me a job and treated me well.

- S.W. | PHP Developer

Let me give a shout out to my man, Alec Arthur at True Source. Alec found me a new job with better benefits and pay. Highly recommended. Closed the job in 2 weeks.

- J.G. | Sr. Web Engineer

The True Source team can deliver on both full time and contract IT work in the Twin Cities. I have had great success and built great relationships with this family first firm. Brad and the team are attentive and tireless when it comes to making a positive career change.

- K.G. | Test Engineer

I worked with Wyatt and Angela from True Source, and they were great to work with. What really surprised me, but turned into a lifesaver for information throughout the entire process was how rapidly Wyatt and Angela would move and communicate with me. I never felt out of the loop, and always was informed in a faster than I would’ve expected rate. The team was knowledgeable about the opportunities that matched me, and were very detail oriented in their fact finding to help me find the right fit.


- A.R. | Sr. Software Engineer

True Source is great. I’m on my 2nd placement from True Source and I’m very happy. The True Source people are fantastic and work hard to get me in front of the right people. I recommend True Source to every developer I know.

- J.G. | Front End Developer
True Source helped me find a software developer spot that I think is going to be a great fit. The experience was friendly and free of drama. Transitions are always stressful but True Source made it as smooth as it could be.
- S.K. | Software Developer

Working with True Source IT was a very enjoyable and professional experience. I would definitely work with them again when looking for new opportunities in the future.

- C.R. | Release Engineer

True Source took the time to truly understand what I was looking for in a new opportunity and was able to match me up with a local company that is a great fit both ways. I would definitely include them if I am ever in the market again.


- M.O. | Agile Delivery Manager

I’ve been in contact with True Source and Gena Haley for many years and the timing or the opportunity being presented just wasn’t quite the right fit.  A couple months ago Gena called me and presented me with an awesome opportunity that fit my skill set perfectly.  I’ve been here for two months and everything is going great.

Thanks again for thinking of me when this opportunity became available!

- T.P. | Developer

I recently moved to Minneapolis and was contacted by True Source for my job hunting.  They were very quick in contacting me and getting to know me personally and professionally.  Very focused on what my skills were and what I was looking for in my job.  I worked with Alec who was amazing and prompt in our communications.  Within 1 week of working with him, I had an interview setup and was already set for a 2nd interview.  I enjoyed working with Alec throughout this process and I have to say, their office is amazing!!!!

- N.Z. | Service Desk Technician

Everyone in the company is a professional and Wyatt was extremely helpful to work with. I’d echo another review I saw on here that True Source IT really is a good option to work with if you’re looking into consulting or even just finding your next full time gig.  This is all because of the level-headed and straightforward negotiation process.  Highly recommended!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- M.S. | . NET Web Developer

Working with True Source made my job search a lot easier. I wasn’t getting much accomplished using career finder websites. True Source helped me clean up and finish my resume, they met with me to get an idea of who I am and what I was looking for, and not long after that, they started presenting me with opportunities. I appreciated True Source’s friendly approach, they didn’t pressure me to move on every opportunity they had. In the end, True Source helped me find a new opportunity and I think having their reputation on my side helped during the interview process. If you need some help in your search for new opportunities, I would recommend working with True Source.

- W.H. | .NET Developer

It was a great experience working with True Source IT.  The recruiter really listened to what I was looking for and continued to connect with me about opportunities.  It was great to work with a small, locally owned company.  They provided very personal and professional service.

- K.P. | Systems Administrator

Fantastic response time!  I was only on the job market 24 hours before I had an interview and landed the job thanks to Alec from True Source.

- B.O. | Systems Support Engineer
I worked through them on short-term role and I really liked their process of on-boarding consultants. I would recommend them for anyone looking for a contract job in the Twin Cities.
- S.T. | ETL Developer

Very professional, friendly, enthusiastic individuals.  They helped me find my next career step in just 10 days. If you’re looking for the next step in your career, I would highly recommend them!

- J.W. | Sr. .NET Developer

I’ve just completed the onboarding process to begin work through True Source later this month. I have been extremely impressed with their integrity and communication from my recruiter, the account manager, and the HR representative. They’ve answered all of my questions and never made me feel pressured to accept an offer or oversell myself to close a deal. I’ve worked with many consulting firms and that is not always the case. Based on my experience so far, I recommend True Source to other IT professionals who are considering consulting work and a fair rate.

- T.S. | Sr. Business Analyst

Prompt, professional and courteous.

- B.M. | Test Analyst

I’ve worked with True Source to hire a contractor for a project and to find a job  for myself. They are easy to work with and keep you engaged throughout the entire process.

- D.O. | Sr. Developer

True Source helped me find a great position that met all of my criteria within two weeks of working with them. If you are looking for assistance in your next career move, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend True Source!

- D.R. | Java Developer
I had a great experience with True Source.  Wyatt gave me excellent information prior to my interviews and set me up for success.  They were able to find me a fantastic position and I could not be happier.  The folks at True Source are very knowledgeable and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a new position in the IT industry.
- C.D. | Sr. Oracle DBA

True Source was able to match me with my current job. They were able to identify potential employers that matched my criteria and focused on my needs and preferences. I was given support through every step of the hiring process and I felt that they maintained good communication and transparency throughout.

- S.F. | Java Software Engineer

John remained in contact with me for several years before my experience and availability coincided with a great True Source  BA opportunity. I appreciate the personal and professional integrity of all the True Source resources I worked with over the last 3 years!

- C.J. | Business Analyst

I just want to thank Gena for the great job she did placing me at my new position. You nailed it!
She accommodated my unique situation and allowed me the opportunity to interview with some great companies while living across the country.
I’ve worked with a few other recruiters in the past and they pale in comparison.  The hard work Gena put in and the level of communication that she provided throughout the hiring process was truly phenomenal.

Thanks again Gena!

- C. H. | IT Operations Administrator

True Source has been awesome to work with!  JP was able to get me an interview with an excellent company that was a sure fit from the start.  Any questions or needs that I had were answered extremely fast.  The whole experience has been very pleasant and the entire team over at True Source is willing to go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy.  I highly recommend.

- J.B. | Sr. .Net Developer

I’ve dealt with them before as a hiring manager, and I liked them then. When I jumped into the consulting world, I was delighted to find that they were as good to the contractor as they were to the manager. Excellent!

- K.S. | .NET Developer

Wonderful to work with.  They were very helpful and professional through the whole process and got me a wonderful job.  Highly recommended.

- L.T. | Software Engineer

Great talent hunters!  I love the empowerment with tools that I needed to succeed in the interview process, as well as post interview support, especially how to handle counter offers.  I have no hesitation in recommending True Source IT to any job seeker irrespective of experience level.  They’ve got your back.

- A.B. | BI Developer

True Source IT has always dealt with me in a professional manner and helped me find interesting work in the software development field.

- J. M. | .NET Developer

Thanks Wyatt, you’ve been very good to work with.  I look forward to starting my new job.

- J.S. | Network Administrator

I am elated to have found success with an opportunity brought to my attention by Wyatt Redmond – IT Recruiter, and am very impressed, retrospectively at the entire process, that happened in expedited fashion. Considering everything from communication to influence, accommodating support to consultation, the group including Joanne Schaible has effectively demonstrated exceptional competence in handling my career’s direction.

With Sincere Appreciation!

- B. H. | Systems Administrator

Alec and True Source were amazing! I first messaged True Source at 7:00PM and received a response within minutes. I met with Alec the next day, and 3 weeks later started my new job!!  I’ve never worked with a recruiter that treated me like a member of the family.  I would VERY highly recommend True Source to anyone!

- T.R. | Systems Engineer
I had a great experience; they quickly got me an interview that turned into a great job.  I definitely recommend them.
- J.S. | Software Engineer

True Source is awesome! They found a great position for me, got my foot in the door, then made sure I was prepared to nail my interviews!

I was about to graduate and was contacted via LinkedIn by Wyatt at True Source. Six weeks later I had a job offer. That’s including the winter holidays! Wyatt is friendly and approachable. He is also very knowledgeable about IT fields, and had lots of useful tips for interviewing!

True Source is fast! They will answer any questions and get feedback to you from any interviews very quickly!

They also care that the positions and companies they match you with are the best fit for you, not just the other way around.

I thank Wyatt and the crew at True Source. They helped me start my career, and I know they can help you, too!

- N.T. | Software Engineer

I had a great experience with True Source. I have worked with them a couple of times and they are always professional and very responsive to all of my questions. I would definitely recommend True Source if you are looking to find a great job with a great company.

- G.P. | Web Developer

True Source has been fantastic to work with. One thing that immediately stood out to me was Wyatt did everything he said he was going to do. Every step of the way was communicated to me, timely and accurately.  Also they are very particular who is placed for what job; they get the placement right.

- J.D. | Project Manager
True Source IT is one of the best recruiting and technical staffing companies to work for in Minnesota. The recruiters really understand the position that they are trying to fill; they have researched the company, culture and the underlying need of the position. Then they ask qualifying questions of the job candidate and are dedicated to aligning a qualified candidate with the manager’s needs. All of the True Source IT staff are dedicated to growing positive relationships between hiring agents and managers, and the consultants they represent, cultivating an experience where both sides express gratification in the fulfillment process. Once hired, it doesn’t end there, you are treated like a member of the team and all staff is available, willing and dedicated to building lasting relationships. True Source IT is also a strong supporter of the community, and encourages everyone to get involved and join in creating a positive, feel good culture.
- J.S. | Sr. BI Developer

Alec from True Source did an excellent job finding me a new job. He made sure we kept in touch every step of the way and was quick to retool the search if a job wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  Alec was always able to work around my schedule.

- B.D. | .Net Developer

True Source IT is nothing less than professional. They helped me make an easy career transition, and I couldn’t be happier with my new place of employment. True Source really does make you feel like you are their only client because of their dedicated staff. I strongly encourage you to use them when considering using a recruiting company.

- A.W. | Reporting Analyst

The employees at True Source were wonderful and were very invested in finding a position that was the right fit for me; I met with a few people and they efficiently and thoroughly discovered my strengths, weaknesses, and desires. I worked specifically with Alec, who was incredibly easy to talk to and was intent on finding a job that was a perfect fit for my interests, skills, and career goals. He helped me through the process of interviewing and did a great job negotiating when it came to taking a position. So glad he contacted me and that I was able to work with him and with the rest of the True Source team.

- A.D. | Engineer

My working relationship with True Source was really good! I had the pleasure of working with Gena Haley who is extremely knowledgeable, poised and led me in the right direction. She remembered my preferences in my job search and found a great match for me. Gena helped me with preparation for interviews and followed up immediately afterwards. Despite a couple of bumps during the interviewing process, I can say that the team at True Source IT handled everything very professionally and very much succeeded in assisting with communication between the two sides. I highly recommend them if you are in the market for a job move or are unemployed.

- A.O. | Digital Project Lead
I had a great experience with True Source, from their initial call to my acceptance of a job.  I finished the process with a permanent position with an excellent company.  I would definitely recommend using True Source if you are looking into recruiting firms.
- S.B. | IT Technical Lead

It was indeed a great pleasure to work with True  Source. They are very friendly & professional recruiters. Joanne is quick in her responses and Alec has been very helpful answering all my queries/concerns. 

- V.K. | Quality Analyst

I’ve worked with a few other firms while looking for better opportunities in IT.  I connected with True Source and met with a few of the staff and found that they care about you and work hard to keep you up to date on any opportunities.  They don’t just keep sending you out on interviews; they provide feedback after the interview.  True Source really came through with my dream job and I’m giving them an A+ for the help they provided me with.

- S.Y. | Systems Engineer

I’ve had a great experience with True Source, working with John Nilson and Janet Shanesy. I was being selective about several things I wanted in my next role and they were very accommodating of that. It only took a couple of conversations for them to have a good handle on what my interests are and what I have to offer. The process culminated with me getting a full time job in my preferred industry and geographic location – they put in a great effort for me and I’m really happy with the outcome. I definitely recommend True Source.

- L.S. | Business Analyst

Great group of people to work with. Very professional and personable.

- S.H. | Sr. QA Analyst

My experience with True Source was excellent. My recruiter, Zach Kerschenske, kept me very well informed throughout the entire interviewing process.  I ended up with an offer from an excellent company in the permanent role I was looking for.  I would definitely recommend using True Source as your preferred recruiting firm.

- M.P. | Systems Administrator

True Source IT is a great group of people with awesome connections. They also have a very friendly environment.

- R.A. | DBA Developer
Janet, Brad and Joanne at True Source have been great to work with–they make good employment happen!
- B.L. | Project Manager

It’s been a great experience working with True Source IT. I worked as a contractor with them for more than 2 years and recently I got an opportunity to become their employee. I love working with Joanne. She is the best hiring manager that I have worked with so far. I highly recommend working with True Source.

- A.U.| .Net Consultant

True Source and Wyatt Redmond made my last job search a very good experience. They were strong advocates for me and seemed to really care that I find a position that suited my desires in a company. I was kept well-informed throughout the process and came away with a great new opportunity. Would highly recommend!

- J.G. | Sr. Software Engineer

Alec is a dedicated and hard working recruiter who truly cares about the people he works with. He is ambitious about getting the best fit for his client’s career goals. He will guide you through every step of the recruiting process, so you can rest assured you are in good hands! I recommend working with Alec!


- J.S. | Jr. Application Developer

I was let go from my job and was worried I wasn’t going to be able to pay my bills. Within two weeks of losing my job, the crew at True Source found me a new job making way more money than my last job.

Thanks True Source!

- D.A. | Oracle Developer

“I had a great experience working with Alec in my job search in July 2015. Alec made it clear to me that his goal wasn’t just to fill a position, but to find me the most fitting one. He provided me with a good selection, and I went through two interviews. It took only three weeks from when I first worked with Alec until I got an initial offer at my current position. There were some difficulties during the paperwork period, but Alec handled it very well and fast. I recommend Alec for your next search.”

- J.N.| Java Software Engineer

I  have had the opportunity to work with many recruiting agencies throughout my career, and I can say without doubt that True Source has provided me with the best experience. From actually reading my resume to understand where I was in my career to the open lines of communication, True Source is top notch from start to finish. A special thank you to Wyatt, my recruiter, for his hard work and dedication to getting me into a position for which I’ve been searching for some time now!

- S.B. | Lead Support Specialist
It was great! The team assisted me in locating my next job in a very quick and timely manner.  True Source has great communication with their clients and keeps you updated on the hiring process! They respond to you in a timely manner when you have questions and need them answered.

- J.T. | Service Desk Technician

Great experience working with True Source IT. Very knowledgeable and helpful recruiting company.

- T.K. | Test Engineer

My experience with True Source was extremely pleasant and smooth. Throughout my hiring process, I had a point of contact who was able to provide me with constant feedback and information. Alec Arthur allowed me to get my foot in the door for a fantastic position and provide substantial support that helped me secure the job.

- L.N. | Software Engineer

Alec did an amazing job placing me at a company that fit my career goals. He was very patient and understanding with my work schedule, and was quick to provide me with multiple opportunities. I would not hesitate to ask for his help in the future; he is a stand-up guy with a drive to help people succeed. Truly a pleasure to work with.



- J.M.| Associate Software Engineer

I have had the pleasure to work with True Source. Within a week of working with them, they found a project that fit my skill set.  I worked with Gena and Janet, and they both were very helpful and prompt. I would recommend True Source to anyone who is looking for great projects in the Twin Cities.



- P.M. | .Net Consultant

I have been working with True Source since 2011 and it’s been a great experience.  They are very professional and candid while discussing the opportunities. Gena Haley is my recruiter at True Source, and she is very professional in finding the right opportunities for me. Brad and Joanne are knowledgeable in providing the documentation needed for VISA purposes. I’ve heard very positive feedback from many of my colleagues who have worked with them, and I truly recommend True Source as a staffing company here in the Twin Cities.

- S.N. | DBA

It is my pleasure to recommend Alec. Throughout the whole recruitment process, Alec was very professional and took into account everything I told him about the kind of role I was seeking. He was extremely flexible around my schedule and worked with me at times suitable to me. Alec was in contact with me at all times during the process of interviewing – before, during and after – which meant I was always aware of what was happening.   He was consistently available and made me feel comfortable calling him at any time to ask any questions!  Therefore, I highly recommend Alec to anyone in the IT industry looking to make a career change. He truly takes all the hard work out of the usually exhausting process!

- M.K. | Lead QA

Pretty quick decisions and flawless. Alec and Joanne are too good — quick and responsive.  They are a very true source for IT 🙂

- A.C. | Java Developer

I worked with a number of recruiters to find new assignments and none could compare to True Source. True Source found positions for me that matched my skills and objectives immediately. The process was efficient, professional, fulfilling and met all my expectations. I will always work with True Source and would recommend them to anyone pursuing an IT career.

- N.C. | Business Systems Analyst

True Source IT is really a true source for IT professionals.  I worked with Alec and Joanne and had a very professional and awesome experience with them.  Alec was easy to work with and responsive with communications at every step. Joanne answered all my questions very patiently and walked through each benefit plan thoroughly.  I’m very happy to have chosen True Source and would recommend them to every technical professional or organization to start discussing their IT needs.


- M.K. | Lead QA

True Source is one of the most excellent recruiting companies that I have had a chance to work with. I’ve worked with many consulting companies and definitely believe that True Source is something different from the others. I feel like the name “True Source” perfectly resembles the people who work there.  Alec was my recruiter and he called and emailed on time about each and every detail of the client’s requirements, interview details, etc. He was always ready to help me in every way, and I was very impressed with his perfect timing and dedication to his work. I even had a couple of questions to ask Brad and he responded to each and every question that I asked him with a smile on his face.

- S.T. | Manual QA

Working with True Source was a pleasant experience.  I quickly found a role that was perfect for my skill set and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for new employment opportunities. Thanks True Source!

- M.E | Sr. .NET Developer

It was a pleasure to work with both Gena Haley and Brad Arthur in securing a position for me through True Source. I was presented with a great career opportunity and received a job offer the same day as my interview! A very pleasant and seamless process with the professional staff of True Source.”

- M.H. | Network Engineer

I made a phone call and had a much better job in less than two weeks. I’m thrilled!

- S.F. | Software Engineer

I have worked as a developer for more than a decade for many agencies and I can confidently state that True Source IT is among the best. They are more than just my agency; they are my advocate.

- J.W. | UI Developer

Working with True Source on a contract position has been a great experience from start to finish. They were very transparent about the entire process and made sure to communicate often. I look forward to working with True Source in the future and would recommend them to any of my colleagues.

- S.J. | Software Engineer

True Source has been great to work with. They’ve been fantastic in helping find exactly the right fit for me in my job search. I recommend them to anyone searching for a job that they’ll love.

- M.P. / Mobile Developer

My recruiter was the best I’ve ever worked with. He was very responsive and just everything I could wish for in an IT recruiter. Most importantly to me, True Source communicated my skill level with my future employer so that there was no confusing my level of expertise.

- B.F. | Jr. .Net Developer

I had a very gratifying experience with True Source. This was the first time I worked with them and will definitely work with them again. The team at True Source is very professional, exceptionally good at understanding my professional capabilities and finding the right job for me. The whole process with them, from submitting my resume to the job offer signing, was smooth, effortless and fast. In less than a week, I progressed from an interview to landing a new job. I worked with Gena, who was very attentive and a pleasure to work with.

- S.J. | Business Analyst

It has been a real pleasure working with Gena at True Source, the communication between us was excellent. I always knew exactly what was happening throughout the entire process, and she was available whenever I had a question. I would absolutely recommend True Source to anyone who is looking for a new opportunity in the IT field.

- M.D. | Manager Business System Data & Security

True Source is the best recruiting firm that I have ever worked with. They are more interested in helping you get the right position for your career, rather than just getting you into a new job. The staff at True Source is very professional and makes sure you have all the information you need to be successful. I would recommend True Source to anyone looking to find a position in IT.

- M.D. | Sr. Lead Application Developer

Gena was extremely responsive to all my questions and a great go-between for me in working with my potential employer. I had answers to my questions within hours and an offer by the end of the day that I interviewed. The process couldn’t have been smoother!

- G. H. | PowerBuilder Developer

It has been an absolute pleasure working with True Source whom through their extensive network and professional approach have found the ideal position for me that fits my current working needs and experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending True Source and have recommended them to fellow professionals in the BI arena.

- H.T. | Data Warehouse

True Source Tops My List! There are so many recruiting firms out there that just don’t get it. As an IT professional, I was very impressed with the True Source way of doing things–Keeping me informed, looking at me as a valuable asset, working with and for me (not just the end-client), and landing me the opportunity I really wanted. I look forward to a long-term partnership.

- S.C. | RPG/COBOL Programmer

Not only did True Source line me up with a great opportunity, but they have friendly and responsive employees that made coming on board an easy process.

- J.M. | .Net Developer

I have found True Source to be a highly professional IT consulting agency. In my experience, what actually sets them apart is the quality clients they have in the upper Midwest. If you value a quality work experience, friendly people, and comfortable lifestyle, True Source has an advantage.

- J. F. | Programmer

I recently had a chance to work with Alec. He was able to find me a position I fit into almost perfectly that also met my requirements. Alec has been very easy to work with and my time spent working with him has been very productive.

- B.K. | .Net Developer

My recruiter with True Source is one of the most responsive recruiters in the business. He advocates for you better than anyone I’ve met in my 13 years in Technology. He maintains communication with reliability professionalism and his persistence has paid off for his consultants and his clients. I would recommend True Source absolutely.

- J. H. | Systems Engineer

Alec is a great recruiter — he finds good matches, and he makes them happen. Alec found me a terrific opportunity at a growing Minneapolis company. From our first conversation, Alec impressed me with his efficient straightforwardness. Alec listened to my skills and interests, and he brought me opportunities that were a fit. I’ve found Alec to be true to his word, open and direct. I highly recommend you talk to Alec if you’re looking for a new opportunity in Information Technology.

- B.Y. | Java Developer

Wyatt was able to find me an excellent position as a software engineer. The company is exactly what I was looking for! Wyatt was clear about the whole process, addressed all of my questions, and worked very quickly.

- M.B. | Software Engineer

I had the pleasure of working with Alec in October 2014. He is a dedicated, focused & down to earth individual who made transitioning to a new position a breeze. During our first discussion he asked insightful questions to determine my technical & personal needs – with this knowledge he was able to identify a company & position that fit perfectly with my goals. Throughout the next week of interviews, Alec kept in touch to ensure that every step of the process was pleasant & showed a genuine interest in ensuring that the position was a correct fit. Alec’s stellar ability to communicate & resolve problems became apparent when I expressed concern in regards to a few minor points he promptly noted my concerns, addressed them & we were able to continue with the process seamlessly – all concerns resolved. I highly recommend Alec for those who are looking for a knowledgeable, enthusiastic & effective recruiter.

- V.S. | Software Engineer

I have had the pleasure of using Alec’s amazing services as a recruiter to help further my career as a web developer and programmer. Should you use his services and heed his advice, I guarantee that he will find you the positions you are looking for within the parameters/conditions you wanted. At a moment where I was seeking a challenge as a web developer but needed my skills developed and used under a specific set of circumstances, industries and even region/area, Alec understood what I was seeking and found the ideal position for me. He was truly present with me, calling me, encouraging, giving me the feedback I needed. He really went out of his way. As a recruiter and sourcing specialist, one of Alec’s true strengths is his ability to truly listen to his clients’ concerns and needs and when a client has trouble finding what he or she is seeking, he asks the necessary questions giving necessary guidance to the employment process. I was even given tips on how to interview and how to tweak the presentation of myself to the different companies I was marketed to. He also fought so that I received the compensation amount I wanted and even more. I’m truly pleased with his services. Thank you Alec!

- G.B. | Web Developer

True Source was great to work with. Their recruiters are very knowledgeable and helpful. They work very hard to find you a position that is a good fit for you. After finding you a position, they stay connected with you and ensure that position is what you are looking for and will remain a good fit for you. I will be recommending them to everyone I know that is in the job market.

- J.B. | Database Programmer

Working with Gena and True Source recruiting has been a very positive experience from beginning to end. Gena listened to what I was looking for and addressed my concerns every step of the way. I felt like I was in the loop throughout the process as Gena continued to keep me informed as things progressed. In the end, I feel I have found a new position that is the perfect fit for me. I would definitely recommend True Source to IT professionals looking for a change.

- L.J. | Sr. SQL DBA

I interacted with my recruiter for the first time when he reached out to me about a Data Science position at RedBrick Health. I have no idea how he found me, but he must be good at this job! The job was almost tailored to my resume and after my first interview I was offered the job. I couldn’t be more thankful to True Source for finding me such a suitable position with a great salary and equity. Better yet, the position was in a perfect location. He was timely, professional, and knew that this job was meant for me. Even though I was headed to Wallstreet, my recruiter found me a job so amazing that I couldn’t help leaving the finance path behind.

- P. R. | Data Scientist

I was sought out by my True Source recruiter at the end of 2013 because of a potential opportunity he had with a company. This position at first glance really had me a little uneasy, but he really went the extra mile to ensure that we explored every path to ensure that any question/concern I had with the role, was answered. He really went to bat for me and was able to express the value in the position that made the change possible. He had great follow through and follow up on numerous occasions and was able close the deal very smoothly. If I have the need down the road, I will work with True Source again. Thanks for all of your help!

- D.G. | Service Desk Engineer

When I was first contacted by True Source I was not prepared to make a move, the recruiter was completely understanding and supportive. When the time came where I was ready to seriously consider new opportunities she was at the ready with a number of opportunities that I was very interested in. We had discussed my skills and where I wanted to go career-wise; the opportunities she shared all fit the kind of environment I was looking for. The recruiters worked very hard to keep open, honest and up-front communication a priority which was very important to me. I will look to them first any time I am interested in making a change, they are extremely professional, skilled, and a pleasure to work with.

- B.J. | Software Engineer

At a time when I thought the well was dried up, Wyatt cold-called me with three job openings that fit my experience perfectly. He was interested not only in what I had to offer now but where I wanted to go in my career. Wyatt knows the field: we were able to converse about technical subjects with no language barrier. I was placed in front of a great company within days and the decision to hire arrived quickly, helped along by Brad’s close relationship with his client. The emphasis on rapport and trust is what makes True Source stand apart from the rest in the recruiting game, and it’s refreshing to work with them.

- J.Z. | Web Developer

Wyatt is an excellent recruiter. Fast, punctual. Doesn’t flood a professional with unnecessary meetings or questionnaires. Really adds value to the consultants and clients.

- R.P. | IT Compliance Manager

Having worked for several years in tech roles I had a good idea of the type of company I wanted to work for as I began my new job search. But searching for the intangible qualities that make a business great to work for is difficult if not impossible on traditional career sites. Within a day of working with my recruiter I already had several opportunities that matched up well with the elements I was looking for in a company. The True Source team was responsive, positive, and always had my best interests in mind throughout the process. I highly recommend working with True Source!

- D.W. | Software Engineer

I recently found a great opportunity with a growing web based marketing company. Working in coordination with True Source, we found not only a good fit professionally but personality match with the employer. True Source treated me like a person compared to other IT Recruiting agencies that look towards you as a temporary body to fill a void. True Source really wanted to work with me in developing my career further versus just finding a job. Leon had great communication skills and had continual follow-ups on opportunities, determining if they would be a great fit or not. The office is in a great location with a lovely view of Lake Calhoun, has a small business personal feel while presenting opportunities with large well known employers. Highly recommend True Source!

- J.K. | Senior Service Engineer

I have worked with True Source for a few years now in different engagements and I must say that I appreciate their responsiveness and professionalism. True Source always made sure that I felt comfortable in the environment I worked in with every client they referred me to and preemptively addressed any potential hiccups beforehand. I also appreciated their genuine concern for my success and welfare as well as creating a platform for me to thrive.

Thank you, Gena! Thank you, True Source.

- A.W.| Project Manager

Finding a new position is not a fun process, but True Source really excelled in making that process quick and easy. Wyatt, my recruiter, and Brad were very helpful during the entire process. Both took the time to sit down with me and truly listen to my concerns about a new position. Within two weeks of service, Wyatt and True Source had found several promising positions. In addition, Wyatt was an invaluable resource for interview preparation and related information. After about three, short weeks, Wyatt had found me a great opportunity that turned into my current position. I couldn’t be happier.

- R.V. | .Net Developer

My recruiter at True Source initially contacted me about an open IT position and proved over time to be not just another “head hunter”. He took the time to make sure I was comfortable and that I completely understood the position that was being offered. He went above and beyond the normal position placement experience and is down to earth and very easy to talk too. I have and will continue to recommend True Source to my friends.

- J.U. | Tier II Help Desk Representative

The team at True Source was extremely efficient and professional at getting me set up to interview for several positions in the IT industry. They gave me the details of each position, what was involved, where the company is located, and other valuable requirements. They were always up to speed on where I stood in my search, and where prospective companies were in their search for new employees. True Source landed me the job I was looking for!

- Michael G. | VB.Net Developer

I am very satisfied with the position in which True Source has placed me. My recruiter was a very good communicator and listener and took  the time to learn my background and experience in order to place me with the right employer.  In addition, True Source seems to have a very good relationship with the best employers in the market. I highly recommend True Source to any person who is looking for an IT job.

- W.H. | Senior .Net Developer

Within 48 hours True Source completely changed my life.  […]  True Source is an example of how to make that personal connection with someone and they understand that it is more than “just business”, decisions made at True Source can impact our lives.[…]

- B.B. | Creative Director

True Source was tireless in my placement. My recruiter did not simply forward jobs that matched keywords on my resume but matched the positions he forwarded to my experience, skills and goals. He would often send me updates during weekends and late evenings in his attempt to make the right placement. In the end, he was able to present multiple solid opportunities for employment, and I was able to select from the best of the best.

- Eric | Sr. .Net Developer

I sent my resume to True Source. At the beginning of this process, I didn’t know what to expect. My recruiter has been very helpful and answered all of my questions. He lined up a couple of high-quality interviews for me and eventually helped to negotiate an opportunity with my top pick of all the places that I had interviewed during my job hunt. He listened to me and was responsive to my needs.  He returned my calls promptly, answered my questions, and offered helpful advice. He even helped me to negotiate a salary far above my bottom-line.

- L.M. | Web Developer

Brad and John at True Source took the time to sit down with me and really understand where I was in my career and what we thought would be a good fit for me based on my experience. I had this idea in my head of what I thought would be the perfect position never thinking that they would find exactly what I was looking for. Well, I was wrong – True Source delivered above and beyond what I thought was possible. My new position is everything I had hoped for and more and for the first time in many years I truly feel I have a career that I can enjoy every day.

- B.G. | Director of Data Services

I received a call the same day I submitted my resume and was treated with urgency throughout the job placement process.  True Source helped me find the opportunity that was best fit for what I was looking for very quickly.

- Evan | Desktop Support Tech

Highly recommended!  If you value being treated with respect and being matched with great opportunities, then you must work with True Source!

- J.W. | Applications Specialist

My recruiter at True Source Recruiting was a great recruiter to work with when searching for a job in the IT field. He kept in close contact with me from the day I submitted my resume through accepting the position at [Client] he recruited me for. He coached me for my interview and updated me on all feedback. He also negotiated with [Client] and thus got me a great salary and full time position. He even checks in on me often to see how I am doing. It was a great experience and a pleasure to work with True Source.

- Nicole | Jr. .Net Developer

Gena was recommended to me by a former co-worker.  I met Gena and she was very responsive and always on top of things.  She had great relationships with her clients and always came back with prompt feedback.  On my first day on the job, True Source brought bagels to the whole team.  Overall, it was great working with them.

- A.S. | Sr. Application Developer

Working with True-Source has been a very good experience overall.  Having worked with other recruiting companies in the past, I can say True Source has far surpassed their services in a multitude of different ways.

The most important areas that True Source went above and beyond in were communication, organization, and being thorough.

My recruiter is very good about making sure all parties involved are informed, and have current information, throughout the entire process.  In addition to the great communication, he also consistently stayed very organized, and was very “on the ball”.  Lastly, he always asks the necessary questions, and is certain to make sure no necessary or relevant information, is missed.

My experience with True Source has been great.  I would recommend them to anyone currently seeking new opportunities, and also to companies who are seeking new talent.

- Dan | Application Developer

It was my rare lucky day when my recruiter at True Source got in touch with me.

I have immediately felt the difference with my recruiter. I cannot say enough about how truly attentive and accountable he is. I feel that he will never take on a project he is not 100% certain he will be able to deliver, or be dishonest about it by any way or amount. As skeptical as I have become over the years, I am able to say with no hesitation that if you have True Source work with you, you would not end up with anything but the best results you never thought you could achieve, whether you are a candidate or a client. True Source is the exception to the rule.

During my initial face to face with my recruiter, it became evident to me that he spoke about items I was made to believe were making me a tough candidate to place, as of rather tough to beat advantages. These qualities, in effect, put me above all other candidates when he has proposed me as a candidate. I am still in disbelief that I was able to relax in just 2 weeks after I have met with my recruiter. I am thrilled as I have ever been to start with a truly terrific company and team who are as enthusiastic to have me there.

- K.S. | IT Support Analyst

Working with Gena at True Source has been one of the most efficient and smooth placements I have had in my 10 years of contracting.  We all know as contractors that things can go one way or the other with their respective contracting firms.  True Source cuts through the ambiguities and finds you a great position at great rates.

- T.N. | Sr. Desktop Support

My True Source recruiter did an excellent job of recruiting me for my current contract. He was thoroughly versed in the client’s as well as in my qualifications. He is a man who does his homework to the benefit of both the client and the contractor. I highly recommend True Source for whatever recruiting needs you may have.

- Roger | .Net Developer/Designer

True Source is an invaluable partner in navigating the job hunting and interviewing process. With helpful recommendations about how to best convey my skills and experience, to unique insights into the culture of their partner companies, I felt prepared and confident and ready to land the job. They go the extra step to ensure the opportunity is a great fit for both sides.

- L.W. | Project Manager

Working with True Source has been a great experience. The interview process was handled very smoothly, and their team answered all of my questions up front. Gena is a true professional, and has been very easy to work with. I will definitely work with them again in the future.”

- M.A. | Sr. .NET Consultant

Brad very quickly identified an ideal position for me. He made the whole process seamless, from start to finish. He made a very personable and personalized placement and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with my new job.

- Ben | Software Engineer

My recruiter worked hard to get me a position that would fit well with my goals. He kept me up to date with what was going on with the position. He was also easy to get a hold of at any time of the day.

- Trevor | Database Developer

Working with Gena from True Source was a great experience. Many times in the past I have been hounded, harassed  and spammed by other recruiting companies and at no point did Gena or anyone at True Source make me feel like a quota. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Gena contacted me only with jobs that fit my background, that were suited for me, and that she truly thought I would be interested in. I didn’t feel like I was dealing with a recruiter but rather a person who was genuinely interested in helping me further my career. I would highly recommend Gena to anyone looking for a staffing resource or for anyone looking for new opportunities.

- F.M. | BI Developer

As the job market has improved these last several months I’ve been approached by many recruiters, but I can honestly state that none have been as professional as Gena. In my experience, a fundamental aspect of Gena’s approach is one of truly wanting to understand your career goals and then only contacting you if an opportunity is aligned with those goals. She’s not interested in rushing you or the discernment process, she understands making a job change is a major life decision. When the company was preparing the offer, Gena demonstrated a sincere interest in what needs I had and what it would take for me to make a change – I felt she was really working for me. The questions she asked further revealed her experience and commitment in bringing about a ‘win-win’ arrangement for me and my new employer. Thanks Gena!

- David | SharePoint Architect

I had a great experience working with True Source. They gave me excellent career advice and were always willing to help me out.

- J.T. | Jr. .Net Developer

True Source did a great job of giving me detailed answers about what I could expect from working with a recruiter (which I had never done) and the various options I had through True Source. They were able to put me at ease about working with a recruiter and able to find interesting job possibilities, help me value myself for job submission and take away the anxiety of salary negotiations. I really liked that True Source handled the salary negotiations as I probably wouldn’t have ended up where I did on my own.

- Mike | Sr .Net Developer

What can I say…The people at True Source are at the top of their game. I contacted them on a Monday, they had an interview with a potential opportunity on Tuesday and by Friday I was given an offer! You can’t beat that for knowing how to match candidates with positions and this is their true strength. While maintaining a smaller shop, they have a deep pool of clients and business contacts and demonstrate a great ability to match potential candidates with those opportunities. Their smaller staff enables them to take a much more personal approach to the placement process and they demonstrate this by working hard, in a very proactive way, to place candidates. I highly suggest and wholeheartedly recommend True Source if you want to work with a placement agency which will take the time to get to know you, match you with positions that will your preferences and work hard to get you placed.

- J.S. | Senior Software Developer

My recruiter is an amazing recruiter and is excellent at choosing the right position to place you. He’s extremely knowledgeable in the IT field and the companies in the area. He also has a great rapport with the managers and team members within those companies, which is really important when trying to match the position with your skill set and personality. He truly listens to your wants and needs and works diligently to make it happen. He makes you feel welcome and a part of a team, and I’m thrilled at the follow up as well. Once most recruiters get you hired, you’re on your own, however, he follows up to make sure that you’re happy with your position and the people you work with. Thank you! I could not ask for better. You’re an absolute gem!!

- M.S. | Lead U.I. Web Developer

My recruiter was wonderful to work with! From the first phone call to the last, the message was consistent; it was all about me. She is certainly a go-getter, and would follow-up both with me and the client on a frequent basis; the communication was superb. Throughout the process, I knew exactly where everything was, and knew that I was in good hands when I had questions or concerns. I have already referred colleagues to True Source, and will continue to do so. I look forward to working with True Source more in the future.

- D.M. | Technical Team Lead

I came to True-Source as a contract was ending with a direct competitor. I met with my recruiter and through our discussion it became clear the position would not be a good fit. He quickly established a positive rapport and I left with a good impression of both my recruiter and True Source. On the next opportunity, he worked with me on some phone interviewing techniques I am convinced made the difference. I was hired and the position is a great match for my skill-set and ambition. My recruiter has kept in touch and followed through where other recruiters lose contact or let chance have the greater influence.

- Jon | Network Administrator

Brad set me up with a place of employment that I have enjoyed over the last five years – a good fit and wonderful placement.

- K.B. | .NET Developer

In a slow market / economy, many of us have experienced Recruiters or HR professionals that do not take the time to even return a phone call or an e-mail – My recruiter is NOT one of those people! I just wrapped up a client engagement that he had found for me. My experience working with him was a nice change from the many bad experiences I have encountered in the past year. His responsiveness and professionalism are unmatched in today’s dog-eat-dog world of competitive customer and consultant relationships.

- Prashanth G. | Project Manager

Brad Arthur recruited me to my current position for one of his client firms. He is expert at finding matches. In addition his analysis and listening skills are critical towards qualifying and vetting potential fits EARLY in the process. Brad clearly communicates timeliness and expectations. He is adept at guiding both parties through the placement process from start to end. I highly recommend him!

- Steve | Project Manager

My recruiter is a straight forward, knowledgeable IT recruiter. He has the ability and knowledge to place the right person with the right opportunity the first time. He has the integrity to tell the truth even if it is not what you want to hear. I have gained a great deal of respect for him in the interactions we have had and look forward to working with him again. I highly recommend True Source to anyone in need of an IT recruiter.

- Brook O. | Flex Developer

I have been working with many recruiters during my job search but not many as professional as Gena.  The way she introduces the position is very clear and straightforward.  She understands my career goal and finds the position that is really matching with my skills set.  From the time she introduced the position to me until I landed the job was very quick even in this difficult economy.  She followed up carefully in every step until the day I started the new position.  I felt like she worked very hard to find me a new position and I am very thankful for that.  She makes me feel like looking for a new position is very easy.  I am very appreciative and again a big Thank You Gena!

- D. Nguyen | Sr. .NET Developer

It is a pleasure to have [Gena] as my partner in my career search.

- Y.C. | Software Developer

I found my recruiter to be personable, professional, and insightful. He takes the time to learn about you as a person, getting to know what you’re really interested in and what motivates you. He seemed to take great care to present me with opportunities that would lead to long term success and happiness, not just a job, and consistently kept me informed while providing me with invaluable feedback. As an example of his commitment to my success, he followed through by verifying that I was happy in the position I accepted and it was continuing to meet my expectations.

I would work with True Source in the future, and I would recommend them to any friends or colleagues interested in new opportunities.

- Ben G. | Lead Developer

I have worked with True Source for about more than a year and my experience working with them was remarkably good and extraordinary. My recruiter kept in touch with me frequently with good leads and he understood my requirements for the position and job opportunity I was looking for. He communicated and conveyed well on the requirements about the job postings and he understood and has vast knowledge about the work environments and job industries. I will recommend True Source in a heartbeat.

- T. Lui | Software Engineer

Gena found a position that required the strength of my main skill set yet the “nice to haves” offered an opportunity for me to strengthen my experience in other areas making my work more interesting.

- Jael | Business/Data Analyst

John is an excellent recruiter. He and the great staff at True Source placed me at an excellent company that matched my talent and experience perfectly. He speaks very clearly and with a sense of purpose, always seeking positive results. He takes the role of coaching candidates seriously, and spends time understanding everyone’s needs. I strongly recommend John and the staff at True Source for I.T. placement needs.

- Steve H. | Systems Analyst
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